Architects Geelong Region


Architects Geelong Region

Welcome to the industry leading architect team here at GDC Architects. Commencing and erected in 1978, Geoff De La Rue has been operating as an Architect in Colac for 0ver 40 years. Our team’s leading knowledge, experience and architectural excellence are the key features that set us apart as the finest architects in the Geelong region and over the years we have advanced our procedure and methodologies to be the most eco-friendly home architects.

Seeking the best architects in the Geelong region? Look no further and speak with us today and really appreciate design elegance.

We have designed houses for numerous individuals and families, we’ve helped businesses with their commercial properties and have worked on both small and large-scale industrial developments. Each time, we have built an excellent relationship with our clients, so that we understand their needs and ensure that our design meets their requirements and with each job, we’ve expanded our level of expertise. This is what sets us apart from competition and renders GDC Architects as the best architects in the Geelong region.

When you hear the phrase “architects Geelong region” – we are your leading option! We have well experienced 2D & 3D drafting which allow us to provide state of the art 3D renderings for projects if needed. Clients can see the design in 3D with the latest technology. With all our residential projects we strive to exceed the mandatory ‘6-star energy rating’ required by building regulations.

Energy efficiency is part of our philosophy, not just afterthought to satisfy regulations. Our aim is to create living spaces which are comfortable all year around. Our systems and intelligence in the architectural realm go above and beyond competition and renders us as the best architects in Geelong.

Contact us today and kickstart your journey into architectural excellence and really build a house you can call a home!

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