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Architects Lorne

GDC Architects is a state of the art and innovative architecture company devoted to administering supremely livable and eco-friendly homes. We have come to know our clients well: you live a busy life and crave a calm space to retreat to at the end of the day. A modern home where everything has its place. A home that is perhaps a little bold and adventurous, but remarkably functional and efficient too. You love your neighbourhood and its corner coffee shop, and want a home that belongs. A house that is a little brave, a little different, but intrinsically you. When it comes down to the finest architects in Lorne team, we have you covered here at GDC! Much like a painted masterpiece, architecture is an art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform.

When it comes to architects in Lorne – call the finest and most reputable!

We are pioneers in the field of eco-friendly and commercial architecture; our award-winning projects are testament to the uplifting nature that architecture can have on the human spirit. From the initial gesture of the form to the fine grain of the detail, the consideration of human occupation provides key insights into the work that we produce. We believe in the value of good design. We never lose sight of the importance of creating beautiful spaces that people want to inhabit and use.

We house highly knowledgeable 2D & 3D drafting techniques which allow us to provide state of the art 3D renderings for projects if needed. Clients can see the design in 3D with the latest technology. With all our residential projects we strive to exceed the mandatory ‘6-star energy rating’ required by building regulations.If you are in the market seeking the most adept and knowledgeable architects Lorne team, you need to contact us and get a feel for our high class and client satisfaction. We love working alongside you to achieve the best!

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