Modern Style Homes


Modern Style Homes

Architectural excellence is an understatement when you deal with GDC Architects. Inspired by a lifelong love affair with the Australian landscape, a perpetual sensation of beauty and a passion for architecture, GDC designs people’s and families’ dream homes. With decades of experience in architecture and engineering, no site presents too much of a challenge, so let us create an innovative masterpiece for you & your loved ones with state of the art modern style homes. As a leading and pioneering house designer team in Melbourne, you will reap the benefits of extracting the best results for your new homes with modern homes Melbourne designs.

“Never live in a dull, boring house ever again!”

Every site is different and has its own interesting features, so every project on our website is unique. Our aim is to find that one perfect design that maximises the good characteristics of the site and minimises the bad. We go above and beyond to ensure the ultimate client satisfaction when you choose GDC as your Australian home designer.

From stunning architectural designs, modern style homes, with open plan living to split level homes, GDC Architects can develop an amazing range of modern style homes so you can bring your dream home to reality. Discover your perfect family home now and dive into architectural heaven with new and contemporary designs. Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry renders GDC as your leading solution when it comes to building homes.

Due to exceptional demand for professional house builders services, the new business has undergone a rapid expansion. GDC has added a growing team of passionate staff to handle their expanding new home builder business. With us by your side, a leading house designer Melbourne and a vision – you are on your way to live in the house of your dreams.

When you hear the phrase “modern style homes” your mind should pinpoint to GDC Architects, the industry leading team. We always aim to exceed the mandatory 6 Star rating required by the Building regulations, to ensure a comfortable home all year round, and to minimize energy required to maintain that comfort. Contact us today!

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