Passivhaus Designer


Passivhaus Designer

Today it is a well-established fact that new buildings can now be designed so that they consume just a fraction of the energy they used to – something called a Passive House Design. A five-figure number of Passive Houses have been built in Europe up till now. Passive Houses are buildings with a heating demand that is just a tenth of that of average existing buildings. The quality requirements for the Passive House standard were defined long ago; the relevant requirements have been published and are freely accessible on the internet. GDC Architects is home for a plethora of architects that have the necessary certifications and capabilities of designing an immaculate passivhaus plan.

Our Certified Passivhaus Designer brings the detailed knowledge and rigorous methodical approach needed to design buildings to the international Passivhaus Standard.

What is a Passive House? In short, it’s a passive solar design with numerical targets. It involves:

-Appropriate levels of insulation
-Air tight construction
-Reliable ventilation for healthy indoor air
-Elimination of thermal bridges
-Good quality windows and doors
-Very low energy consumption
-Very high levels of thermal comfort

Some 5,000 professionals around the world have already earned the internationally recognised Certified Passive House Designer and Consultant designations and here at GDC Architects we are one of them! We love working alongside our clients to ensure that our Passive House Design meets and exceeds their expectations.

If you’re looking for a skilled architectural firm to deliver creative, vibrant, energy efficient designs that meet your brief and your site, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Do not think that a Passivhaus cost is large! On initial contact, we’ll ask you about your plans and vision for your project, so we can start to understand what is most important to you when it comes to the design. We pay equal attention to aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and cost, so that our designs are both financially viable but also have longevity and visual appeal. For a passivhaus designer you can be proud of, select GDC Architects today!

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