Residential Modern Architecture


Residential Modern Architecture

Starting in 1978, Geoff De La Rue has been operating as an Architect in Colac for 40 years, with the aim of providing good residential modern architecture for the local community, on a huge range of projects. We’ve designed houses for numerous individuals and families, we’ve helped businesses with their commercial properties and have worked on both small and large-scale industrial developments. Each and every time, we have built an excellent relationship with our clients, so that we understand their needs and ensure that our design meets their requirements and with each job, we’ve expanded our level of expertise. Hence why our firm has been rated as the best architecture house design team!

With a high level of consistency and determination to design the best homes, our team here at GDC Architects welcomes you to browse our online showroom and really get a feel for our excellence and effort we put into ensuring your aspirations are met and exceeded!

-Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.
-Leading client support and a cohesive environment.
-Immaculate modern tiny homes and small homes.
-Professionalism is always guaranteed with all projects.
-Affordable, cost efficient designs and plans.
-Acquired over 50 awards and distinctions in the industry.
-Exceptional insight for perplexing builds and orientations.
-A 100% satisfaction guarantee with all products.
-Available in digital forms and meetings through online platforms.

If you’re looking for a skilled architectural firm to deliver creative, vibrant, energy efficient designs and residential modern architecture that meet your brief and your site, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. On initial contact, we’ll ask you about your plans and vision for your project, so we can start to understand what is most important to you when it comes to the design. We pay equal attention to aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and cost, so that our designs are both financially viable but also have longevity and visual appeal.

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