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Tiny House architect

As a species, we are slowly coming to terms with the damage that excessive clutter can do, both to the environment and to our own mental health. Here at GDC Architects we are pioneers in small space building and design and have been labelled as the finest tiny house architect team. Environmental impact is one of the most critical subjects of our time, and in Australia, where we average some of the biggest homes in the world, it begs the question “How much do we really need?” and “Who is the best tiny house architect?”

Benefits of tiny house living?
(1) Financial freedom. Love to own your own home without the 30-year mortgage? Want to reduce all those ever-climbing utility bills? You can enjoy a quality dwelling with all the comforts and mod cons at a greatly reduced cost. Be mortgage free in 3-4 years and greatly lessen bills by going for the off-grid options. Click here for finance options.

(2) Have time to pursue what you love. With reduced financial pressure & bills you open up possibilities to pursue worthwhile & enriching interests, relationships & lifestyle patterns. Chase the things you value, the things that make you happy and healthy.

(3) Sustainable & environmentally conscious. Tiny Houses promote sustainable, low carbon footprint, eco-friendly living without sacrificing quality, beauty or functionality.

The success in micro-living is to utilise natural light, an outlook over the swimming pool, ample outdoor space and the productive use of every square inch of this house so that whilst compact, it doesn’t feel like it. This is a home that encourages the occupants to live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, for the kids to get outside and play and to critically think about every single possession they own. Here at GDC, we love working alongside you to comprehend your needs and really design a small home that is suited to your aspirations. When it comes down to calling a small space architect team, you need to call us!

We make high-end tiny houses for a better, more sustainable way of living in Australia.

Reliability, dedication and overall professionalism are the key pylons and building blocks we utilised over the years to boost our reputation in the industry as the most in-depth and caring small space architect team.

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